SENSOSEAT is a smart cushion preventing pressure ulcer in Wheelchair users

How Does It Work?

The Features


Our patent-protected sensors are engraved within the cushion and cannot be seen nor felt by the user


The Sensors collect the user’s movement data and send them to the cloud server wirelessly


Our AI core will then analyze the data and finds out the risk of getting pressure ulcer


The AI creates a Personal Behavioral Trend for each user and based its analysis based on it

Mobile App

The results are sent the user’s mobile app. It includes alarms about the risk of getting pressure ulcer, recommendations on stay healthy, gamification, and tips


The results can be sent to any smart devices as our system follows IOT protocols

But Why?

What is the Problem?
Pressure Ulcer (PU) is a life-threatening wound caused by lack of movement. PU emerges when body tissues are pressed between bones and mattress surface for a period of time as short as 2 hours. Moreover, this disease is very killing. It is like a crack: It grows fast and gets bigger in size and depth. People getting PU undergo a painful experience. When it comes to wheelchair users, the pain is much awful. According to statistics, 58% of all wheelchair users around the world get PU at least once in their life. Furthermore, the prevalence of pressure ulcers significantly increased with time post injury (11.5% at year 1 rising to 21% at year 15). As wheelchair users cannot often moved from their wheelchair, the pressure on the wound cannot be removed. As a consequence, they experience more pain, the duration of their treatment will be longer, and it costs more for them.

If You are a wheelchair user, help us by filling in a survey

Latest News

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  • August 11, 2020
  • 1947 Honeysuckle
SENSOSEAT has started a cooperation with Salvador Association. The aim of this cooperation is to study the need […]
  • August 11, 2020
  • 1947 Honeysuckle
SENSOSEAT has managed to get to the Patient Innovation Bootcamp!


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